Nanotechnology for
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Energy Efficiency
NanoFab Tools S.L. is a Spanish R&D SME dedicated to innovative nanotechnology solutions for smart applications and energy efficiency using advanced patterning and coating techniques.
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Anti-reflection surfaces
Nanofabrication- from the lab to the fab
Commercial systems for large-area sub-micron patterning of surfaces, such as mask-based photolithography are expensive. In contrast interference lithography is a low cost maskless patterning approach capable of large areas (> m2), reproducibility and high throughput.
SEM micrograph showing a periodic array of nanopillars patterned using IL.
Anti-reflection surfaces on solar cells can be created by nanotexturing to enhance the amount of light captured and converted into electricity.
Scanning electron micrograph of a nanotextured surface.
Glare can make it difficult to see the screens on portable electronic devices. Luckily nature has offered the perfect anti-glare solution in the form of the microstructures found on the surface of insect eyes, such as those found on the mosquito eye shown above.
Smart windows
Smart windows and building energy efficiency- US buildings account for 40% of the country’s energy usage. Smart windows can use nanostructures to change the window from being transparent to opaque to control the amount of light/heat entering the room.
Self-cleaning surfaces
Self-cleaning surfaces are highly hydrophobic surfaces that can be created using nanostructures. Liquid cannot stick to the surface and tends to roll off. An example of a highly hydrophobic surface in nature is the lotus leaf.
Scanning electron micrograph of a highly anisotropic nanostuctured surface. The nanowires have been dry-etched into silicon.
NanoTech quotes
"Nanotechnology is the base technology of an industrial revolution in the 21st century. Those who control nanotechnology will lead the industry." -- Michiharu Nakamura, Executive VP at Hitachi
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