Nanotechnology for
smart applications and
Energy Efficiency
NanoFab Tools S.L. is a Spanish R&D SME dedicated to innovative nanotechnology solutions for smart applications and energy efficiency using advanced patterning and coating techniques.
At NanoFab Tools we have an experienced team of scientists and engineers with >20 years of experience with semiconductor device processing. We aim to facilitate the transfer of interferometric patterning from the research lab into mainstream nanostructure fabrication facilities, where high throughput requires automation and simplification of the patterning process.
SEM1IL system
SEM1Interference pattern through a diffraction grating
Our current products
This is a two-beam system capable patterning of periodic structures with pitches from 200 nm to several microns over surface areas up to 4 inch. We offer an affordable tool design with a range of configurations depending on customer requirements. Manual and automated systems available. Excellent pattern reproducibility.
This is a multiple-beam interference lithography system capable of patterning periodic patterns over areas up to 200mm (6”inch). Pitches range from 200nm to 10 microns. Manual and automated systems available. Excellent pattern reproducibility.
Custom designed Interferometric lithography tools
Tell us the type of nanostructures you would like to produce and we will custom design the tool to your specifications.
Processing support
Our team of highly experienced scientists and engineers can offer processing support to help make your project successful.